An evergreen blog post is like a vending machine where you put your money in once and keep receiving a packet of Pringles every day. Well, won’t that be amazing (especially if they come in sour cream and onion…and now I’m craving something salted and crispy)! Such a vending machine may not be a reality, but evergreen blog posts are.

So, what are evergreen blog posts?

As the name suggests, evergreen posts are those who never lose their relevance! If you have been blogging for some time, you must have seen, some of your months-old posts attract a lot of visitors. Maybe, a content you uploaded a year ago, is drawing a lot of traffic till date. Those, my friend, are evergreen posts!

In short, evergreen posts are those blog contents that stay relevant at any point of time and draw significant traffic. And, yes, you can purposefully and consciously create evergreen blog posts that’ll keep on drawing traffic for a long time!

Why evergreen blog posts are important?

The answer is simple: ROI

All you need to do is to create the post and publish it on your blog. Rest is on auto-pilot.

This blog content does not have an expiry date. It keeps on attracting traffic because of its sustainability and relevance over time. Sounds great, right? So, let’s take a closer look on how to create an evergreen blog post!

How to Create Evergreen Blog Posts

Everyone loves a post that’s relevant long after it’s been published. But, what about posts that contain news and updates? What about creating content around buzz words? To be successful, you need both kinds.

A successful content marketer strives for a fine balance between the happening content and the evergreen ones.

So, let’s see what the Do’s and Don’ts are of creating evergreen blog posts!

First and foremost,

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT fill up your content with news and latest updates. If you do, you collapse the idea of an ever-relevant blog post. After a week or two, your content becomes outdated.

So, give buzz and trends a break when it comes to evergreen posts. They create temporary traffic surge; sometimes massive but always temporary!

Talking about the DOs,

Instructive blog posts are mostly sustainable and timeless.

You can write and maintain evergreen contents in two different ways:

  • Write on a topic that is always relevant.
  • Keep updating the content to reflect the changes of trends i.e. revitalize your blog content.

Here are some tips for writing evergreen blog posts:

  • Keep it simple

Always remember that most of your audience are not the experts of what you are talking about in your blog. They are looking for an answer to their queries. Avoid using technical jargons and verbiages; in short, keep it as simplistic as possible. Otherwise, you might end up losing your visitors.

  • Find a niche and stick to it

Yes- this is one of the best ways to establish authority. Keep your post targeted to industry specific discussions. For instance, if you are talking about Car Loans, do not turn to mortgages. This will help you receive more shares and referrals.

  • Interlink your posts

Interlinking is a great way to improve visibility of your old content. Be careful though! You certainly don’t want to create irrelevant links here and there. Link only when it’s relevant, and when the linked content offers some related information.

  • Strategize Your Blog Title

The title of your blog post can make or mar your content. The headline is the very first thing that is crawled by the search engine bots, and is therefore THE most important factor for search engine optimization. The right headline influences your traffic for long term, sometimes years after the content was published. So, take your Blog-titles quite seriously and never mess with them. Here are some tactics of creating evergreen blog-titles.

  • “HOW TO” Tutorials:

The best way to attract visitors is to provide them with tutorials. This is quintessentially cliché, but like most clichés it is true.

Let me ask a quick question; what do you do when perhaps your kitchen sink misbehaves and you cannot get hold of a plumber. I go on Google and search ‘how to unclog kitchen sink’. I’ll bet you anything that a vast majority of people (who does not have any knowledge of plumbing) do exactly the same thing.

People all over the world are always looking at learning new things, whether out of necessity or by passion! You have a problem, you Google it!

It’s no wonder ‘how to’ posts are always relevant! Just make sure to really solve the problem and not just create a catchy title and you are good.

  • Title with Definitions:

Titles such as “What is Business Blogging?”, “What is SEO?”, “Define Digital Marketing” and so on, are everlasting.  Here also the same logic applies.

Anything that people don’t know, they Google! Every time you come up with a new terminology and you want to know what it means, you go to the good old search engine. Therefore, titles that start with ‘what is’ is always a great traffic puller.

Focusing on acronyms, which mostly confuses the visitors would help you turn your blog into a compounding one. If you provide definition and explanation to the industry specific acronyms and terminologies to your visitors, your chances to establish your authority and expertise are high.  For instance, if you are into financial business, your blog post on APR (Annual Percentage Rate) will never lose sustainability because people interested in loans will keep searching on it.

Like always, just make sure to keep the information accurate and to-the-point!

  • Keep Updating Information:

Blogs often contain data. Don’t forget to update them on regular basis. If you want your blog post to remain evergreen, you have to keep the data updated all the time. Updated data will always help you establish trustworthiness among your visitors.

Last Words

While creating your blogging calendar, incorporating evergreen blog posts can bump up your ROI quite a bit. Another great thing about these posts are that they can be re-purposed in so many ways. As the topic never goes out of fashion, you can create downloadable e-books by modifying the content, repurpose the content to create a knowledgebase for your customers or team members; the possibilities are really limitless! And now that you’ve got some good tips on creating evergreen posts, get blogging, folks!

Still have a doubt? Want to have an evergreen blog post to generate more traffic over and over again? Get in touch with our Pro Blogging experts right now!