Back in early 2000, travel blogs resembled diary entries. They were all about reflecting personal experiences of a traveller or his/her group on various tours and adventures. They were nowhere related to business. After the advent of “Social Media Mix” the fundamentals of travel blogging saw a major change. It was meant to attract more customers. Who does not love to know about the world- her people and their culture?

The year 2010 witnessed a huge growth in tourism industry. It never looked back since then. Mode and pace of business changed. Grew the number of tourist visits. With that, the marketing concepts and strategies changed too!

In 2018, marketing has now mostly become inbound. And blogging stands to be a potent tool for marketing their products and/services.

Why Blog for Your Travel Agency?

Put yourself in the customers’ shoes. Before planning or going on a trip, you will always want to do some research on internet; collect information about a place- its transportation facilities, fooding, best lodging, places of attraction, local people etc. Everything is there, just a click away.

Tougher time for the travel agents!

Why should they contact you if they find better way to travel on their own? So, you got a lot of things to do!

Strategize Your Blogs to Attract More Audience

# Blog to Show Your Expertise:

The audiences in the market always look for information- the apt and the most relevant ones. Who are your target audience? How do you answer their queries? How do you to understand what to blog about? Is blogging a good idea?  Let’s find out-

  1. While planning a trip 49% people look at sites comprising travel contents.
  2. 40% of the travellers find their holiday inspiration from the peer contents- mostly blogs.

You have got plethora of travellers who are mostly millennials. Target audience sorted! (Don’t make it a cliché though!)

Nevertheless, I was talking about establishing your expertise in front of your target audience. The trend says, a cool, interesting and informative blog is always preferred over listicles. However, you cannot afford to deny listicles as a lucrative blog content. For instance, if you are conducting a city tour to New York, Washington DC and LA, write about the glory of those cities and make a TO DO list for your target audience. If you succeed in establishing your authority as an authentic guide to those destinations, you have covered half the way.

#Blog to Secure Edge over Your Competitors:

Are you the only travel agency working in the market? Nah! You know it well; how tough the competition is! In most of the cases, the marketing practices are same. So why tether to get a step ahead of your competitors?

You are not the only travel agency that has blog-posts. Your regular, high quality and extremely customer friendly blogs will gain edge for you over your competitors. Just try to rank higher in search result and ramp up your visibility.

Through back-linking, keyword optimization and other SEO tactics, increase the visibility of your blog as well as your company.

# Carve out a Niche through Your Travel Agency Blogs:

Once you have proved that you have mastered a specific destination or travel genres such as FIT or MICE, you are able to augment the confidence of your website visitors and convert them into potential leads. Your niche blogs can be super specific. For instance, you have a plan of Yacht tour to the Greek islands by this December.

Your useful information about Yacht tourism in Greece will attract your target audience without any glitch. At the end of your blog you have a Call to Action that will drive traffic to your tour pages.

# Your Travel Agency Blog Will Get You More Leads than Other Inbound Activities:

There is a tough competition in online travel marketing. More than that, ROI is pretty low there.

Write an evergreen blog on any travel destination, you are saving a lot of time and ensuring high ROI there. You can promote your projects and agency through the most relevant social networks such as Instagram and Facebook. But Insta needs quality photography for which you have to invest a lot (If you believe in being unique).  Better you sit with a cup of coffee, a laptop, language formation and hundred pounds of creative ideas. You are all set to write an inebriating blog about lucrative travel destinations.

Well, Instagram works nowadays. But your Instagram posts will not help the customers gain enough information about a destination. There have been regular canards on blogs vs. Instagram. Trust me, Instagram is actually making the bloggers’ works better.

# Branding-Branding What You Want!

Creating brand is anyone’s dream- well, any business’ dream!  Do you know that you can strengthen your brand success through blogging?


Yes, you can! You are back-linking your blog with other websites- brand familiarity by other websites: CHECKED!

Your blogs are integrated with your social media posts- brand exposure: CHECKED!

You are ranking higher in search engine- branding: CHECKED!

More than that, your blog can have Google ads. So, sponsorship- CHECKED!

Your blog opens many doors for your brand advertisement. Never ignore it!

# Befriend Your Vendors through Your Blog:

Here I should begin with an example. Just have a look at it. [Disclaimer: All names taken are fictitious!]

Uttar Pradesh in India is a land of versatility. The confluence of Hindu and Islamic culture offers you varieties of travel and food destination. There you have Varanasi, the land of Hindu gods and there you have Lucknow the land of Awadhi cuisine. Lodging in Varanasi is quite cheap. Hotels like Nilkanth Tourist Lodge will let you enjoy the scenic beauty of the Ganges. In Lucknow, Afzal’s kebabs and Sharma’s chaat will mesmerize your taste-buds.”

Look at the highlighted words. I am simply advertising my vendors. Provide a hyperlink of their website. It will undoubtedly strengthen your relationship with the vendors.

Last words:

Blogging is quite affordable. You do not need to invest much. But make sure you are writing quality blogs and taking care of your audience’s queries. A good blog will improve your business whereas a bad one may ruin it. If you are running your travel agency business in 2018, you have to comply with the current business tactics. Blogging is one of them. So, you need to have a blog page.

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